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Inamdar R. R. Brahmbhatt Kelavani Mandal Trust, a non-profit public charitable trust, with the missionary zeal and passion is committed to the core values of providing wholesome education, based on care and concern. Antonomy, Independence, Enterpreneurship and Innovation are the qualities that are woven in to the fabric of Inamdar R R Brahmbhatt Kelavani Mandal Trust's holistic approach towards establishing quality educational insititutions. The Inamdar R R Brahmbhatt Kelavani Mandal Trust was founded in the Year 2004 with a mission and a focussed purpose of imparting value based and contemporarily relevant education and training. To begin with, we inititated with the establishment of a college of Education for generating quality educators.
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Our Faculties

Name :- Dr. Binaben Manishkumar Parekh
Designation:- Principal
Date of Birth:-21/03/72
Quali :- M.Com.M.Ed,PGDDE,CCC,Ph.D
Subject :- Commerce / Accountancy
Teaching Exp:-14 years
Date of Appoinmen:-15/05/15
Mode of appointment:-Full Time
Date of Superannuation:-20/03/2034

Name:- Rajeshri Ashokkumar Raj
Designation:- Lecturer
Date of Birth:- 19/01/1990
Quali :- B.Ed., M.A, M. Phil
Subject :- Sanskrit
Teaching Exp:- 6 motnhs
Date of Appoinmen:- 18/06/2019
Mode of appointmen:- Full Time
Date of Superannuation:- 18/01/2052

Name:-Shri Rajubhai Babubhai Gohel
Designation:- Lecturer
Date of Birth:-07/03/1971
Quali :- M.Sc, M.Ed, M.Phil
Teaching Exp:- 11 years
Subject :- Maths/ Science
Date of Appoinmen:-20/06/11
Mode of appointment:-Full Time
Date of Superannuation:-06/03/2033

Name:- Shri Prakash Chaturbhai Paregi
Date of Birth:-02/03/1972
Quali :- M.A, M.Ed,B.Lib
Specialization:-(Economics/Social- Science)
Teaching Exp:- 13 years
Date of Appoinmen:-01/07/2013
Mode of appointment:Full Time
Date of Superannuation:-01/03/2034

Name:- Hemanginibahen Ravindrabhai Chaudhary
Designation:- Assistant Professor
Date of Birth:- 06/09/1991
Quali :- M.A, M.Ed:-(English)
Teaching Exp:- 4 months
Date of Appoinment:- 05/08/2019
Mode of appointment:- Full Time
Date of Superannuation:-05/09/2053
Name:- Anirudhdhasinh Yogendrasinh Raulji
Date of Birth:-06/01/1990
Quali :- M.A, M.Ed :-(Hindi)
Teaching Exp:- 1.5 Years
Date of Appoinmen:- 02/12/14
Mode of appointment:-Full Time
Date of Superannuation:- 05/01/2052

Name:- Mahenurbanu Sattarmiya Malek
Degnation :- Adhoc Lecturer
Date of Birth:- 20/09/1988
Quali :- M.A.,M.Ed. (Social Science)
Teaching Exp:- 6 months
Date of Appoinment:- 20/06/2019
Mode of appointment:- Probation Period
Date of Superannuation:- 19/09/2050

Name:- Aakashkumar Kanubhai Jadav
Degnation :-  Asst. Professor
Date of Birth:- 24/04/1991
Quali :- M.A. M.Ed(Gujarati)

Date of Appoinmen:-15/06/2006
Mode of appointment:-Probation Period
Date of Superannuation:-23/04/2053

Name:- Rikitaben Khusalbhai Dharmakar
Degnation :- Adhoc- Librarian
Date of Birth:- 16/08/1988
Quali :- B.A.,B.Ed.,B.Lib.,M.Lib.
Date of Appoinmen:- 02/06/2014
Mode of appointment:-Full Time
Date of Superannuation:-30/08/2040

Name:- Smt.Minaben Sanjaybhai Macwan
Degnation :- Senior Clerk
Date of Birth:-10/10/1975
Quali :-B.com
Date of Appoinmen:-14/10/2006
Mode of appointment:-Full Time
Date of Superannuation:-09/10/2033
Name:- Nimeshkumar Rajubhai Rohit
Designation:- Peon
Date of Birth:- 18/01/1996
Quali :-11 Pass
Date of Appoinmen:- 01/11/2014
Mode of appointment:-Daily Wager
Date of Superannuation:-23/11/2032
Name:- Shri Ravikumar Mafatbhai Rathod
Designation:- Peon
Date of Birth:-23/07/1990
Quali :-8 Pass
Date of Appoinmen:-20/07/2011
Mode of appointment:-Full Time
Date of Superannuation:-23/11/2032